Thursday, March 21, 2024

Catching up with Donnie Wahlberg

In case you missed it, Donnie and some of the Blue Bloods cast danced to the latest New Kids on the Block single, "Kids":

Donnie also posted this video of him practicing the choreography with Sunny Walters:

Before Friday's episode of Blue Bloods, he posted this photo of him with Marisa Ramirez, Bridget Moynahan, Tom Tobin, Dan Truly, and Sumaya “Nazar” Bouhbal: 

Donnie recently shared another photo of him with New Edition: 

Unless this is an older photo, while he was in California, he met up with Kevin Colfield. So maybe they are already preparing for the Magic Summer Tour!

He also met up with musician Planet 12 Law

He flew back to New York on Tuesday: 

And yesterday he was already back on the set of Blue Bloods!

There are also some new Blue Bloods photos from Jose Perez out!

Click here for more photos!

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