Thursday, March 21, 2024

Catching Up with Joey McIntyre

Like Donnie, Joey recruited some people to dance to "Kids". He was joined by his fellow cast-mates from "Drag the Musical", and he challenged the rest of the guys to do their own! 

Previews for Drag the Musical were this past weekend, and the official opening is this weekend. They modified the play a little bit, and Joe has a new solo! Here is a clip:

Joey checked in on Instagram stories a few times this week! 

Kayden Koshelev posted this photo of him and Joey backstage in between shows at Drag the Musical:

Aurora Sexton shared this clip of Joey getting a last-minute makeup touchup before the show: 

Drag the Musical posted this photo of Joey and Alaska on KTLA (click here for the interview).

Joey left a new message on the NKOTB hotline! Click here to listen! (Thanks to @nkotb_hotline for posting)

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