Wednesday, March 13, 2024

NKOTB talks about a possible UK tour with Take That on "Lorraine"

The New Kids on the Block were interviewed on the UK TV show "Lorraine" this morning! Check out the video uploaded by Kim Thomas here!

They talk a bit about the usual stuff like the upcoming tour and the new album. Then they were asked if they had any plans to come to the UK. Joey responded, "Robbie Williams is a big fan so we're hoping he promotes our tour" and Jordan added something like "bring it up with (?) Take That for the next arena tour". Then Donnie interjects and says "you're joking about it..." and Joey says, "I'm not!" and Donnie continues "but there has been a conversation behind the scenes" and Lorraine asked if the conversations were with Robbie Williams, and Donnie said it was actually with Gary Barlow, and then Jordan says, "it's going down, it's gonna happen!" 

Another little tidbit, Robbie Williams posted this clip in his stories last week. I didn't pay that close attention to it at the time, but if I remember right, I think Donnie and the NKOTB account reshared it, so it could be a hint! However, it looks like Robbie left the group Take That and is not one of the members currently touring with them. 


Sk said...

Oh I hope you come back to the UK guys x

Sem said...

Oh I hope you come to the UK guys xx

HonestClaire81 said...

Been waiting forever in UK for tour.. in england and scotland...please come tour here again.