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Joey McIntyre at Drag Rehearsals

Joey has been busy getting ready for the second run of "Drag the Musical", which starts this Friday night at the Bourbon Room in Hollywood! You can still get tickets here! Check out some photos and clips of Joey and the cast preparing for opening night!

Joey shared this photo of him and Nick Adams. Looks like Nick is auditioning for a role of Fiyero in Wicked - a role that Joey had done several years ago! 

Here is another photo of Joey and Nick from Nick's stories: 

Short video from Kayden Koshelev on Instagram (he plays the part of Joey's son on the play):

I think this came from Joey's stories

Joey isn't in this song, but if you want to hear a preview of one the songs performed during the show, they released the song "It's a Drag":

Broadway World interviewed Joey and Alaska Thunderfuck about Drag!

Questions for Joey...

Joey, what originally brought you into DRAG’s orbit in 2022?

Not sure who brought my name up to creatives, but I’ve been doing theatre projects consistently in the last 5 years or so. And when my name did come up, I jumped on a Zoom, and we hit it off. On my end I loved the cast album off the bat. Also that run was literally right up the street from my house in L.A.

Joey, I’ve asked Alaska in our previous interview what her three-line pitch for DRAG be and Alaska said, “It's basically like West Side Story, The Rocky Horror Show, and the movie Burlesque all had a baby.” What would your three-line pitch be?

Everything you want from a drag show with a kickass soundtrack and a book that grabs you right in the heart.

If you were to submit your character Tom Hutchinson for a dating site, what qualities of his would you list?

Dependable. Courteous. And gorgeous.

What flaws would you definitely omit?

Uptight. Controlling. Square.

You were recruited in 1985 at 12 years old to join a new singing group originally named Nynuk (then changed to New Kids on the Block). Did you always want to sing?

I was a theatre kid before New Kids came along. And always will be.

You made your theatrical debut in Barking Sharks at the Gloucester Stage Company in 1995. As an already veteran performer performing with New Kids on the Block at huge venues for nine years, were you nervous your first time on stage solo, so to speak?

That’s not true. Sang I’d Do Anything from Oliver when I was 6 and did a ton of theatre before NKOTB.

What do you remember of the first time you stepped on the Gershwin stage as Fyero in the original 2003 production of Wicked?

Singing with Idina Menzel every night is pretty unforgettable.

If financial compensation were not a factor, in which field of entertainment would you focus your talents in – Theatre? Recording? Concerts? Film? TV?

As I said, I’m a theatre kid and so eight shows a week is in my blood.
Nothing like live theatre. And I’m talking to Broadway World so… :)

What the Broadway status of The Wanderer in which you originated the role of Johnny?

I don’t have a crystal ball, but all the signs point in the right direction.

Joey, when DRAG goes to Broadway, will you be Tom again?

I am grateful to say that I have a few balls in the air at the moment so I’m not sure, but really happy to be a part of this show’s history in any way.

What else is in the near future for Joey McIntyre?

NKOTB TOUR this summer and a new album for us where I wrote a lot on and very excited to share. Working on a solo album as well and again some fun things in the pipeline.

Questions for Alaska... 

Alaska, What has changed in this current production from the 2022 edition?

We're always looking for ways to further explore these characters we've fallen in love with. We've expanded the stories and the wants and the needs of some of our characters in ways that will be really fun to see onstage. I'm excited.  

Are you reprising some of the fabulous outfits you wore in the 2022 show?

Yes, of course.  And maybe wearing some new ones.  

Did you have a hand in getting Joey McIntyre to reprise Tom Hutchinson?

Joey was such an incredible Tom in our previous productions that it's hard for me to envision anyone else in the role. So when I ran into him not too long ago we were chatting and I think I just assumed he would be returning for the run in March. Luckily my wishful thinking turned out to be true and we're all really excited to have him back. So, to answer your question, yes-- my psychic abilities are directly responsible for Joe McIntyre being in the show.  

Alaska, future plans for DRAG: The Musical?

The dream of course is to bring the show to New York.  Which may be happening sooner rather than later. Honestly anywhere we can put the show on for people is a victory because even though we've been writing and developing it over the last six years, it's a story that is important and relevant probably more so now than ever before.  It's a story about chosen family and finding yourself. One of our characters is a young person figuring out their way in the world -- and currently our world is confusing, terrifying, and dangerous for young queer, trans, and non-binary kids. I'm proud to be a part of a show that speaks to the resilience and fierceness of the LGBTQ+ community.  

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