Sunday, October 26, 2008

"Bunker Hill" update

Here is a brief article on Donnie's upcoming TV show “Bunker Hill”

Now, here’s something you won’t read on The New England Patriots QB/QT’s baby mama Bridget Moynahan - presumably with 14-month-old Jack in tow - will be headed to the Hub in December to film scenes for TNT’s “Bunker Hill.”

B, who hasn’t been on the telly since ABC canceled “Six Degrees” in the spring of 2007, has scored the role of Donnie Wahlberg’s sister-in-law in the pilot about a townie named Michael Moriarty who returns to his rough Boston ’hood as a cop.

According to yesterday’s Hollywood Reporter, Bridgie will play Erin, who has a love-hate thing going on with the bro of her dead cop husband. (Moynahan will also appear as a guest star on ABC’s ‘Eli Stone’ this season, BTW.)

There’s crime, corruption and, of course, the Code of Silence in the made-for-TV drama produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

A “Bunker Hill” shooting marathon will begin on a soundstage in Mexico City in early December, Wahlberg told the Track. Then the production heads to the Hub for exteriors. “We are working hard to make a ‘series’ happen in Boston - not just a pilot,” said the New Kid. “This is a huge endeavor and has many issues to resolve. We need the city’s help to make this dream come true.”

Are you kidding? Tom, Bridget and Jack in town for the hols? A Track dream come true!

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