Tuesday, October 28, 2008

MTV Buzzworthy goes backstage

MTV Buzzworthy goes backstage inside the New Kids on the Block's dressing room.

Update: Video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved?

Here is the article that went with it:

I JUST got back from one of the most enviable spots in all of New York. No, not the set of Gossip Girl. I was just backstage at Madison Square Garden (which brought back major mems from my time spent back there with the Jonas Brothers — I half expected to see Kevin Jonas zoom by on a Segway), where I interviewed Donnie Wahlberg and Jordan Knight, of past and present New Kids on the Block fame, IN THEIR DRESSING ROOM, surrounded by their button-down shirts, tube socks, other wardrobe staples, and cough drops. I EVEN SAW THE PASSWORD TO THEIR WIRELESS INTERNET! ZOMGZ!

But first, let me back up and provide you, the die-hard New Kids/ NKOTB/ The Block fan with a few more selections from the scene.

Highlights of this opportunity of a lifetime included:
+ Jordan jumping on a couch, laying down, and jokingly declaring it was time for a nap.

+ … At which point Joey then jumped on top of him.

+ Joey expressing shock when he found out TRL was canceled (we’re sad too!) and declaring that they should’ve had him host.

+ A brief discussion between Jordan, Donnie, Joe and myself about the rise and fall of the music video. I told them that between “Thriller” and “Hangin’ Tough,” videos pretty much peaked. LOLs ensued, and I about died from making New Kids LOL!

+ Jordan asking me where catering was. BECAUSE WE’RE SUPERHARDCORE FRIENDS NOW! I got back to work and saw that he’d Facebooked me… Okay, we’re neither superhardcore besties nor Facebook friends (relax, he didn’t Facebook me, so break yourself!), but Jordan and Donnie were extremely down-to-earth, and they were unbelievably grounded, friendly, and we talked just like a few friends having a beer. Except now I’m legally of drinking age, and 12-year-old me wasn’t, and 12-year-old me would NOT have been capable of carrying on any sort of conversation with, like, Jordan Knight’s fourth cousin or anyone that proximate to New Kids on the Block, let alone the guys themselves. But talking to Donnie and Jordan was totally not stuffy or pretentious or showbizzy at all. YAY, NKOTB/ New Kids/ The Block, et al.

Ok, so, I’ll post the interview later this week (there are a few uh-oh dirty wordies that got through — shame on you, Donnie! — so we’ve gotta magically remove those), so instead, check out these wardrobe photos we snapped while we were waiting for Donnie and Jordan, and their new video, “Single.”

Talk to you soon — I’ve got a New Kids concert to see! No shame in this girl’s game!

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