Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jonathan answers more questions

Jon answered some more questions at

Thursday, October 30th, 2008JON’s ANSWERS PT 2!

*How do you feel about turning 40?

……bring it on! Do you all agree that with age comes wisdom? I would
however take back my 20 year old body and keep my 40 year old mind! We
will be in Mexico working around my birthday. I will have to put off
the big bash I have planned until I have a break in December from
touring. I am flying a few friends down to Mexico to spend a few days
of rest with me…………big party to follow when I get back to the
states. I’m sure there will be plenty pictures to post online.

Ps. If you are planning on sending me a gift, I would rather you donate
your time or money to a local charity of your choice. I am more than
blessed when it comes to material things. Warm wishes mean more to me
than anything else!

* Who’s idea was it to do the butt?

Well for sure it wasn’t mine….. Don’t really know where or how it
came about…….ok lets just thank Danny for that one!

* Where do you practice Real Estate?

I was never a broker or salesperson if that’s what you meant…….I
have two real estate development companies I started one with a friend
of Jordan and I shortly after I left the New Kids. We build residential
buildings. If you look closely at the
Summertime video you will see him in the background in the tiki bar
scene. We thought it would be funny putting him in there. In the past we have had other
friends and family of the group make cameo’s.

*On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate Jordan as a brother, and why?

He would be high off the charts……..most of my entire life has been
spent with him on a daily basis. We have the closest relationship two
siblings could ever have! I also think he is one of the most talented
people ever! Jordan also has the best sense of humor. We laughed at the
picture of his doll in the hospital gown with the taped up leg, after
the Jordangate incident!

*What do you think about YouTube?**************************************

I think some of the stuff that gets posted on there is a waste of good
cyberspace. I personally don’t like it when it becomes an invasion of
your privacy. I will never feel comfortable having a candid
conversation in a crowd in public because you never know who is taping
you and where it will end up. I am afraid to even scratch my a** if it gets
itchy or pick my nose in public. It will be forever on You Tube. We all
are human and get itchy a** and booger nose……….I don’t feel
my personal private moments need to be shared with the rest of the
world?………and yes I check you Tube on a regular basis for such moments.
So far so good…..thanks for not posting!

* What kind of dog do you own?

I have a Jack Russell Terrier.

* How do you staying looking so young?

Well its not emu oil like someone suggested. Good lord, I saw a sign
tonight that read “I love Emu’s”……Ill never live this one down .
And yes, Emu meat does taste good!………I guess I’m just lucky and
was blessed with great

*What color is your tractor?

Are you talking about my tractor or my “tractor”…………my tractor
is a John Deere so it’s yellow and green! That’s the real tractor, get
right, don’t want you to think I have some funky stuff going on
downstairs that has my “tractor” all yellow and green…..!

* If the New Kids had a farting contest who would win?

………….are we talking about the noise or the smell. Hands down
Donnie and Danny blow the nastiest smelling gas, always when you least
expect it. WOW I’m a grown man talking about farts. I guess this
reunion really does have us all feeling like teenagers again!

*You have been all over the world, where is your favorite place?

Home is where the heart is………but I love Australia and Japan.
I would love if we are able to get to both these places this time

* Do you like cats?

I do but I am so allergic to them! I think the whole litter box thing
is kinda sick! I am definitely a dog person!

*What is the dancers name that dances on the piano?

Her name is Sunny, she is amazing! Sunny is the
assistant choreographer for the tour. She came up with a lot of the
moves you see on stage. She has danced on many tours. A true talent
and a great friend to us 5 guys!

* How many horses do you have?

We have 15 of them. My Mother and I love horses. She takes care of
them. It is amazing waiting and watching the foals being born.

* What is your favorite time of day, sunrise or sunset?

Being I have the worst sleeping patterns, I often get to enjoy both on
a regular basis. Sunrise is by far the better of the two!

* Do you have any good hangover cures?

Simple…….. don’t drink so much to cause a hangover

* I remember hearing a rumor back in the day about a sex tape, was it

yet another rumor, didn’t know that one was around. I’d be happy to
make one…….any volunteers. I can even include some barn yard
critters if your into that stuff…….siiiiiiiick!!!!!!

*Target or Walmart?

They both serve the purpose, but Target is usually where I end up!
Didn’t think you all would be shopping at the one across from the
Allstate Arena! All I wanted was some new socks……..Thank god for
Walmart the next day!

* What do you do when your bored and cant sleep!

Well, I know what I will be doing for the next few weeks. Other than
that I usually sit through all those boring late night info-mercials
kicking myself for not inventing half that crap the are trying to sell!

*What is the craziest item you have received from a fan? Where can we
send stuff to you?

Like I said earlier I prefer you put your gifts to a better use, but
just in case. I love toys, warm clothes and blankets, food, school
supplies, etc, etc…… My address is Jonathan Knight C/O any local
hospital, shelter, school, or food pantry.

*What size shoe do you wear and how tall are you?

11 and 5'11?

*What are you doing to lessen your impact on the environment?

That’s an awesome question, we all need to ask ourselves! Wow, the
list could go on and on, It’s all really just a matter of common sense
and keeping yourself aware as to what you are doing that has a negative
impact on our planet.

*I noticed that sometimes you put your glasses on and put your hoodie
up when there are a lot of people around. Do you do that because all
the attention is too much and you want to distance yourself from all
those people?

Sometimes….. I try to think I can blend into the crowd and not be
bothered. It gets tiring at times always being bombarded. Especially
when I am at our hotel. The hotel is the only place that can be like
home while on the road. Other times I may have just rolled out of bed
and don’t care to show my face

* When this thing was started by Donnie did you immediately say yes or
did you have to think about it? And how long?

Well this thing wasn’t started by Donnie, he did find our first song
though! We all started this……….I didn’t say yes right away, we
all discussed everything in depth before we made the choice to do a
reunion album and tour.

* What is the most important item you brought from home with you?

My pillow, my computer, and my cell phone!

* Do you believe in ghosts or the paranormal? Have you ever been to a

To some extent I do. It is a fact that energy never ends it just
changes form. It can’t be possible that we are the only life forms in
the universe…….been to a psychic?…….. yes, but only for my own

and on that note….Hope you all have a great Halloween!

Stay tuned for more……………….

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