Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Blog from Donnie

 New Blog from Donnie:


Hey All….

Wow. Detroit was amazing. New York was insane. Atlanta was fire.

The crowds are getting better and better and better.

How is this happening????

This is not normal on a tour.

Especially in the YouTube era!!!!!!

You all are supposed to get bored….

You are supposed to lose interest….

You are supposed to let up…

You all are supposed to stop screaming!!!!!

How do you keep amazing us night after night?????

I am humbled every time I lift up onto that stage!

I am amazed every time the cameras flash!

I am moved almost to tears every time you all sing every word to I'll Be Loving You Forever!

Every time I see those arms waving on Hangin Tough I am filled with humility, gratitude, pride, love, and so many emotions that I cannot really express them all.

A lot of fans ask me if "I get tired of all of this…"


The day I get tired of all of the love you all show us….

Is the day I am six feet under the soil!!!!!

Nothing will ever stop me from doing what I love!

I could never get tired of the love you show us!

I am just amazed that you guys don't get tired either!!!!

You still want hugs!

You still want Face Time!!!

You still want to share these nights with us!!!!

Thank you.

I LOVE IT!!!!!

And so….

The party continues!


In the immortal words of Joey Mac….


As Always,

Your Man-

Donnie W

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Anonymous said...

Yes Donnie u r the man!!!!!!!