Wednesday, October 29, 2008

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Madison Square Garden is like playing in the Super Bowl- its still
just a show. You go out and do your thing; give it your best shot,
execute what you’ve practiced and hit it. But at MSG every move and
song is heightened. You are soaking up every moment but constantly
aware that you are in “the world’s most famous arena”. Its a place
that for many fields is a pinnacle and in the music business it is
viewed by many as the coolest place to play. Playing there, I think of
the location- right in the heart of Manhattan, close to “Broadway”…
I lived in NYC for ten years and walked by so many many times, been
there a bunch- during basketball games the court is illuminated in such
an inimitable way there…such theater. And of course, I had performed
there with the “Kids” before and at 16 I knew it was special. And
maybe for the first time, the younger me enjoyed it more cuz I wasn’t
thinking so much then. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast and now I
have another photo album of memories in my heart. But I left that
night wanting more- like it was half-time instead of the end of the

Walking down the back stage hallway, lined with photos with so much
history, so many great artists.
Such a privilege, I’d be a fool to wish for another.

But then again…

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