Monday, October 24, 2011 interviews Donnie Wahlberg about Justin Bieber did a short interview with Donnie while he was at the Mohegan Sun’s 15th Anniversary event. He talks about what he thinks about Justin Bieber and how fame has changed since the New Kids first became famous.

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Update: video has been deleted, does anyone have it saved? Here is the article that went with it: 

Donnie Wahlberg is a Belieber! The New Kids On The Block frontman tells that he actually got a chance to meet Justin Bieber! Keep reading to find out what he had to say!

“I met him he’s a nice kid,” Donnie tells us. “It is what it is. Everybody has their own path I’m not big on telling younger entertainers who are doing similar things to what I did like any advice, they’ll figure it out.”

But when asked if his fans are the best in the world he responded: “I know we have the most devoted fans! NKOTB fans are the best out of any in the world!”

NKOTB rose to fame in the 80s and Donnie says Justin is at an advantage with the advent of social media.

“We didn’t have the outlets for information in 1988 when we broke out that’s available now,” he says. “On the one hand that’s a curse because if you sneeze it makes major news all around the world. But on the other hand if you make major news around the world and it’s negative, it’s gone tomorrow. It used to be if you had a scandal your career was over. Now if you have a scandal you’re the most famous person in the world … you make a lot of money.”

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