Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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Well, folks, I have literally had my hands full- hence the 5 tweets in 2 months.

How dare I abandon the social network like that! Thank God I don’t measure my love of life and involvement in my career by how many tweets I execute. I did for a brief spell back a couple years, but one of the many blessings of having 3 very little kids is it keeps my priorities straight.

I’m as creative as I ever was and have been working on several project- most outside the music world but all firmly with in the “how can I touch you?” world.

I think even those who know me may be a little surprised.

In the meantime, I’ve waded back into the water of acting. And so far the water’s fine. I haven’t gone very deep and its only been a few dips in the last 6 months or so, but all good stuff. Which makes me wanna take a serious plunge! (That was 5 water puns if you’re counting).

CSI:NY was fun shooting. Kind of odd telling people I am on a TV show and not seeing it before hand. But I think I’ll work again. I don’t think they’ll run me out of town for this one. I hope!

Then in November my guest spot on “Psych” airs. Good times.

And then in December I am part of one serious cast of actors in the movie “New Years Eve”. I was lucky enough to work with Garry Marshall again and I will tell you what everyone in Hollywood (and everywhere else) knows: there is not a kinder man than he. So fun to work with him and the cast. I’m afraid to give my part away and tell you who out of the amazing cast I worked with, so you’ll just have to go to the theatre and see for yourself. J

But meanwhile back at the homestead, my long days have been filled with one 3 and a half year old testing his limits and mine. One little bruiser who will be 2 in a couple months and is as determined as anyone I ever met to get into whatever he has his eyes on…oh, and don’t help him with ANYTHING. He wants to do it all HIMSELF. FYI- his hearing is so good. He understands everything and he is talking more and more and on par with your average 2 year old. Good stuff…seems like forever ago when we didn’t know what his path would be, but his hearing loss (although something we work on and monitor) is almost forgettable during the day. No small miracle, thanks to God, to today’s technology, some really wonderful people in the field of hearing loss and one amazing mother who has not and will never miss a beat.

I dived into full time dad when we got home from tour at the beginning of August and by the end of the month I could not shut up about how tired I was.

Thankfully I got tired of being tired and have now settled in to the fact that it takes a lot of energy to do what we are doing now and I just have to keep it as simple as possible for a few…years??? Haha! Who knows? But we do manage to have a lot of fun.

And finally, “my little girl”. As my mother said about a picture she has of Kira by her bedside, “it looks like she’s smiling into tomorrow.” And let me tell you, it feels that way, when she smiles at me. I’m biased, but boy is she pretty. She has been such a chill baby. Sleeps good. Sooo sweet. Just plump enough. I kind of chomp on her cheeks constantly. I can’t wait for her to start bossing her big brothers around. Soon enough.

Fair to say, I feel like the luckiest man on the face of the earth. Being a dad is incredibly fulfilling and thoroughly challenging. And I so cherish the thought of watching these kids grow up for the next 100 years.

Like many I know and hear about, I feel that my family is my foundation and now that I have that bedrock I can begin. I look at life differently. I am feeling now like I am just now becoming the person I want to be- my true self. It might look from the outside like the same old Joe, but I am experiencing an awareness that I haven’t before and that’s an awesome feeling. Sounds heavy but its subtle.

I look forward to revealing all the projects I’m working on. Especially one that is literally right round the corner. Stay tuned! Oxox Love ya.

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