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WAPS talks to Jordan Knight about NKOTBSB tour!

WAPS ("We are Pop Slags") did an interview with Jordan. He talks about the NKOTBSB European tour and more...

First we brought you Backstreet Boys’ Howie D – and now we’ve got the only and only Jordan Knight! NKOTBSB fans who are waiting patiently for the joint tour in Spring 2012, keep reading….

WAPS: Jordan – thanks for talking to us today. We recently spoke to Howie D about the upcoming tour, and we wondering how performing now compares with your experiences in the late 80s/early 90s?

JK: Well, I always tell people now that…I kinda view each tour as ‘the last tour’ – but back in the day I was like, ‘My God, it’s never gonna end!’ So then I would tour and take it for granted, but now, to me it’s like every tour is the last tour – this could be the last time we come to the UK. Is that true? I don’t know, but that’s how I’m looking at it. I just try to soak it up a lot more, and really connect with the audiences, and be in the moment a lot more.

NKOTBSB perform ‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’ on Dancing With The Stars:

WAPS: Are there going to be any differences between the European and US legs of the NKOTBSB tour?

JK: I don’t think we need to change much, because it’s pretty damn excellent I think! Haha. We might need to change it up a little bit here and there if we get bored of any parts or we feel like there are parts that could be improved, but for the most part it’s going to be the same show, probably 90% similar.

WAPS: Any spoilers for us?

JK: Hmmm…. Can I give you spoilers…are your ready to get your socks knocked off?

WAPS: Yes!

JK: Well first of all, we sing all the hits, and we all get along – we genuinely like each other, and you’ll see that from the show. The good thing about the show is that there’s a lot of energy because it’s kinda like a tag-team [between the two groups.] BSB will go on stage and hit it hard, and we’re backstage getting ready, then when they’re done, we go on and we hit it hard – and each group gets a little rest period in between the songs. So whichever group is out there, they’re going at it full-blast. It’s very energetic and fast-paced.

WAPS: What do you get up to in your downtime in the road?

JK: We mope around backstage when we’re not onstage! There’s not much time to go see each city, unfortunately, so a lot of our time is just spent travelling on the bus from city to city. We do some meet-and-greets, have a little catering, play a little ping-pong….then we’re up again!

WAPS: What songs do you most enjoy performing on tour?

JK: I like performing Valentine Girl, Step By Step…the new song we did with BSB (‘Don’t Turn Out The Lights’), I love performing that one.

WAPS: And do you have a favourite BSB song?

JK: They really do have a lot of great songs! I’d say one of my favourites is ‘Incomplete’. It used to be ‘I Want It That Way’ but I didn’t like saying such an obvious song – you know, of course everyone knows ‘I Want It That Way’! But now that I’ve toured with them I know all their material much better, and ‘Incomplete’ is definitely my favourite.

WAPS: And out of the two groups, who is the biggest troublemaker on the road?

JK: Well there’s old Joey Mac…old Joey McIntyre is a jokester – actually so is Nick [Carter], he’s a jokester too.

WAPS: Aren’t they the youngest of each band?

JK: They certainly are, and Nick in fact is the youngest person on the whole stage. Maybe Nick is the biggest troublemaker onstage, and actually A.J [McLean} is a little bit of a troublemaker too, also onstage.

WAPS: What pranks have they played?

JK: You know, we’ll be singing some serious song and we’ll hear howling coming from underneath the stage and it’ll be Nick singing off-key and trying to put us off. Not so much that he’d mess the show up though! But if you hear any bad notes, it’s not me….

WAPS: We’re having a bit of a boy-band resurgence in the UK at the moment – what advice would you offer them?

JK: Have a lot of fun, take your work seriously but don’t take the criticism too seriously. People just yak because you’ll get a lot of attention from girls, and critics will want to knock you off your pedestal, but that’s kinda normal.

WAPS: You released your third solo album ‘Unfinished’ earlier this year – can you tell us about that?

JK: ‘Unfinished’ is an album that I recorded while off the road with the New Kids, and it was kind of a hobby that turned out to be a really good album. I had a lot of people saying ‘You need to release this commercially instead of just letting your fans hear a couple of new songs’. It turned out to be a great body of work and I’m really proud of it. I’ve released a couple singles, which got a great response, and it’s something I can do when I’m not with the New Kids. I’ve got some solo gigs coming up, it’s nice to have an outlet to do my own thing and the fans are really supportive.

WAPS: Is it coming out in the UK?

JK: I think there was a plan by the label to release it in the UK – man, I would love to. That would be a dream of mine to tour the UK and do some performances solo. I’d love that.

WAPS: Any chance you could do that when you’re in Europe next year with NKOTBSB?

JK: Well, maybe….I did that here in the US and it was really gruelling to promote both things at the same time. I may do that, but there’s not much time to do both. I can lightly promote my solo record while I’m there touring, but after the tour it would be kinda fun to spin-off and do my own thing also.

WAPS: Just one last question from us – any chance that NKOTB will be performing the Lady Gaga collaboration ‘Big Girl Now’?

JK: We did actually perform that live a couple of times in the US, she opened up for us back when she was still just Lady Gaga – and y’know, now she’s LADY GAGA….we can’t even get her on the phone anymore, haha.

JK: Actually when we did that she was a really good sport, and when she came in to write with us we were like, ‘She’s such a star, we need to make it a duet – get her on the album!’ And that was before she was famous.

WAPS: We do like that song – it’s quite filthy.

JK: I know it is. Haha.

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