Wednesday, October 26, 2011

NKOTB News for October 26th

Mark Wahlberg will be on "Anderson" on Friday, and they are featuring Wahlburgers, so Donnie may be on some pre-taped portions of show as well.  There is a quick preview on Anderson Cooper's website.

Here is Jordan's response (on Twitter) to the interview Digital Spy published yesterday.
Hey All... I was told there's an article that I did... saying... we aren't doing any more music.. blah blah...
I was mis quoted and its un true... I wouldn't say that... I wouldn't do that...
If I DID say that...and I didn't want to record with my brothers because "we're all busy and have separate lives", .....
then someone would need to smack me upside the head.... album....when? not sure..., new album never? ....well that's just crazy.
Wahlburgers now has a website:

Here is a video clip from My Fox Boston about the Wahlburgers grand opening:

Video courtesy of New Kids News

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