Saturday, October 29, 2022

NKOTB Cruise 2022: Lido Deck Party #1 "Love Eternal" night

The first Lido Deck party theme was "Love Eternal" and the guys came out in dressy black and red attire. After a few hours, they left for about 15 minutes and came back wearing their red "Nynuk" hoodies and the infamous shiny black pants that they wore on the Mixtape Tour. Since they were dressed for the occasion, they did a special performance of the D-Nice set from the Mixtape Tour! Here are some videos!

Videos courtesy of Erika Nickel-Thibodeau

Video courtesy of yesenia ramos

Videos courtesy of terryann12

Videos courtesy of sweetface35

Video courtesy of patiharder

Video courtesy of fan4life143

Video courtesy of lucyluribeiro

Video courtesy of cherryb0mbshell

Video courtesy of fan4life143

Video courtesy of Shelly Mcguire

Videos courtesy of TammiinCO

Video courtesy of Kathryn Milloway

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