Tuesday, October 4, 2022

NKOTB News for October 4

Danny made "Butter Cake" with a little help from his granddaughter, Rose in this week's episode of The Wood Works! (Click here for the recipe.)

Jonathan officially announced on Instagram that he will be on season 4 of Rock The Block!

So excited to announce Kristina and I are contestants on season 4 of Rock The Block. Had the best time today meeting our competitors and starting putting the winning touches on our home.

He also responded in a comment that he will be doing more than just this show on HGTV:

sheryl.nordstrom: Yay!!! This means we get to see you on TWO shows now?!? This is amazing!!! Congrats Jon! 💛

jonathanrknight: @sheryl.nordstrom Well…. Been busy this fall doing a bunch of things with HGTV. You’ll see a lot of me 😜

He also shared this video showing a bouquet of flowers from Harley congratulating him on his new project: 

Jonathan shared this clip of his historic farmhouse being moved to a better spot to be renovated. 

And he thanked the company that did it...

We moved a house!!!! Thank you Stan, and all the amazing people who work for you…Granite State Building Movers #farmhousefixer #HGTV #curranconstruction #savinghistorichouses #kristinacrestindesign

Joey hasn't made an announcement about what he has planned next, but he dropped another hint on Twitter the other day: 

Kayden Koshelev who plays Joey's son in the play "Drag The Musical" shared this photo of him and Joey in a recent Instagram post.

Joey shared this adorable photo of his dog:

Here's a video of Joey on the red carpet from last Thursday at the "Drag The Musical" VIP party:

Video courtesy of MaximoTV

There was a fire at the Wahlberg's childhood home at 25 Peverell Street over the weekend. Click here for an article about it from Billboard.

Donnie shared a photo of him on the plane on Sunday: 

Here are a few more highlights from Donnie's Instagram:

There are a couple new in-person Remember Betty fundraisers coming up! If you're interested in attending events in Oregon or Indiana, check out the images below for more details!

(No pre-registration required)

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