Monday, October 31, 2022

NKOTB Cruise 2022: Concert (Group A)

The next event on Friday night was the group A concert! They went through what they called the 4 incarnations of the band... "Nynuk", "NKOTB", "The Block" and of course "New Kids on the Block".

Joey reminisced about hearing the song "Be My Girl" on the radio for the first time while in the car with his brother. Donnie recalled the New Kids winning a radio song competition against Run DMC. They had some laughs over misheard lyrics and Jordan bailing early on the first New Kids on the Block cruise in 1990.

It was also the first time Donnie hinted they were thinking of doing a show with some deeper cuts for fans that know more of their music besides the singles and the song they usually do on their big arena tours. It would be intimate, like the cruise!

Here are some highlights courtesy of SWEETHAUTE...

Here are some other highlights from Sandrake:

Here is nearly the complete show courtesy of Darth Vada:         

NKOTB Cruise 2022 concert set list (some of these are just really short clips of the songs):

Block Party
My Favorite Girl
Cover Girl

New Kids on the Block 
Stop It Girl 
Be My Girl
Didn't I Blow Your Mind

Call It What You Want
Dirty Dawg 
You Got the Flavor 
Keep on Smilin' (accapella with crowd)

Dirty Dancing 
Click Click Click 
One Song

Please Don't Go Girl
The Right Stuff
Step By Step
Hangin' Tough

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