Thursday, October 27, 2022

NKOTB News for October 27

Pausing the cruise re-cap posts to share some "other" news that has happened over the past week...

Joey's new song with Debbie Gibson titled "Heartbreak Hotel" is available now! Listen to it below!

Debbie shared this video of her and Joey listening to their song for the first time on vinyl: 

Joey also made an appearance at the Mass Eye and Ear Gala on Monday night! Here are some photos from their website:

Joey posted some of his photos from the cruise on his social media! Click here for more!

Danny has a new episode of The Wood Works out!

He also posted a new workout video!

...And some highlights from the cruise:

Jonathan posted a couple post-cruise videos of him already hard at work on the set for "Rock the Block": 

Jonathan was interviewed by Matt Cohen from Entertainment Tonight! Jonathan shared this on Instagram: 

So good to have @mattcohen4real on the set of Rock The Block today! Great interview about our journey on this show and about being open about mental health issues. @sherrieshepherd gave me the best advice years ago… “Run towards what scares you the most”! Her advice has stuck with me all these years. When asked to do something scary , I always immediately said no. Now, I say yes knowing how bad my anxiety will be, but work through it and learn as I go through the process. This makes the next opportunity less anxious . I’ve grown so much by saying yes and running towards my fears! Looking forward to great things to come and cherish the growth I’ve made in my 54th year on this earth! #mentalhealthawareness #rocktheblock #farmhousefixer #Hgtv #entertainmenttonight

Kristina Crestin shared a post with photos of her and Jonathan touring an underground marble cave at the Vermont Quarries. Click here for the rest of the photos!

HGTV posted this clip of Jonathan and Kristina playing a word association game: 

Did you catch last Wednesday's season finale of Farmhouse Fixer? Here are some clips from the show:

There is a new episode of Blue Bloods tomorrow night and here are some preview clips!

Donnie joined Jenny on Instagram live last night just prior to the latest episode of The Masked Singer. Unfortunately, he didn't have a good connection, so she didn't save it. Here's a partial recording: 

Below are a few other highlights from Instagram stories that I saved over the past week... 

Joey opening the blinds at his hotel and seeing the cruise ship outside his window:

Joey in his cruise cabin listening to an overhead announcement from Donnie:

Donnie on the set of Blue Bloods just before leaving for the New Kids on the Block cruise:

 Jonathan leaving Rock the Block before the cruise...

Photo in an elevator on the cruise shared by Harley:

Miscellaneous stories from Donnie...

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