Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy attend Celtics vs Bulls game

Donnie and Jenny were at the United Center to watch the Boston Celtics play the Chicago Bulls. Since Jenny is from Chicago, she was cheering for the Bulls. Of course Donnie rooted for his Celtics, so Donnie shared a few good-natured posts on Instagram last night:

I invited her to the @celtics game with me and she said “I’d love to go to the @chicagobulls game with you”. 😂 #BostonBoy #ChicagoGirl ❤️ Game on! Let’s go #Celtics 😂❤️☘️ #CelticsBulls #MarriedLife ❤️

Here are a few photos from Getty Images

The Chicago Tribune also posted a photo:

And here's one from Newser:

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Trina said...

They always look so genuinely happy together. I love their love❤️❤️