Wednesday, November 2, 2022

NKOTB cruise 2022: Halloween Harbor Lido Deck Party

The theme for the third Lido deck party was "Halloween Harbor"! The guys' costumes were: 

  • Danny: Jack Torrance from the movie "The Shining"
  • Jordan: Maverick from "Top Gun" 
  • Joey: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  • Jonathan: Doctor McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy
  • Donnie: Blockhead

One of the highlights was Donnie inviting Margaret - "Yikes" aka Maria's sister - on stage. If you don't know who Yikes is, she was a Blockhead that passed away in March. She used to go on the NKOTB cruises, and had she still been with us, I would probably be including some of her video footage in these cruise posts. Click here for her YouTube channel to watch her videos!

Another highlight was when Jonathan brought some members of his family on stage. Marlene Putman (Jonathan and Jordan's mom) gave a speech. Then Jonathan followed that up with an emotional speech of his own!

Click here for videos from peruvianjklover

Videos courtesy of Robin Taylor

Video courtesy of Marialisa Marin

Video courtesy of Saraijksgirl

Videos courtesy of Kayc Diem

Videos courtesy of jodi smith

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