Tuesday, November 1, 2022

NKOTB Cruise: Group B Concert

The next NKOTB event on the cruise was an unscheduled surprise event hosted by "RatChat" -  led by the hosts of the YouTube channel "Rattail" and Instagram comedy duo "Chair Chatter". Donnie and Jonathan participated and played some games with them. I do have some video, but my angle was not good and most of the event was blocked by a high backed chair. Also, I want to let the hosts of RatChat officially debut the video on their channels first, so I'll circle back to this event once they post their video! So, next on the agenda was the concert for group B. The set list was the same as the group A show.  Here are some highlights!

Videos courtesy of Amanda Diehl @DdubsTXEMT1980

Videos courtesy of Rachel Plato

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Erzsie D said...

So much fun reliving the concert! Thank you for posting these videos!