Thursday, June 28, 2012

NKOTB News for June 28

After about 2 months on the road, the guys are finally home!

(Photo from @dannywood)

(Photo from @DonnieWahlberg)

(Photo from @JonathanRKnight)

Other than that news has been slow, but here is an interesting tweet from flavenyc about a possible new NKOTB song:
"Donnie Wahlberg came to the studio for other business with Treach & @KayGeeNBN played him a record & Donnie took the record for @nkotb"

Here is a longer unedited video of Group A's NKOTB Squares from juicysdevil

Joey shared this on Twitter and in case you missed it, Andy Samburg sings "Please Don't Go Girl" in this interview (@4:45)

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