Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Joey McIntyre talks to Terra Peru

Here is a short interview with Joey from Terra Peru (translated into English):

The members of the most important boy band of all time, New Kids on the Block (NKOTB), confessed that they are very interested in visiting the most attractive places in the capital as part of their stay in our country. 
In telephone communication, Joey McIntyre said he looks forward to having time to explore our city. "I'll buy a bicycle to explore Lima, is the first time we go to Peru and we are very enthusiastic. When we were on tour in the United Kingdom bought a small bike and walked through the streets of cities, I hope to do the same in Lima." 
"I've heard wonderful things about Peru and will do the same, walk upon the streets and I'm sure the other kids will be encouraged, I just hope that time will allow. When you're on tour is hard to leave the hotel until the time of the show, but I really like going out and I hope to learn more about Lima," said Joey. 
He also said to be sorry for having taken so long to visit our country. "I ask the fans to apologize for delaying so are over 20 years, but only days left for this meeting, I hope you all join us, I promise it will be worth," he said. 
NKOTB will offer a spectacular concert on June 22 at the Jockey Club. Tickets for the show are still on sale in the Your Input modules Plaza Vea and Vivanda.

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