Sunday, June 10, 2012

2012 NKOTB Cruise Update #5

Photo from @meldiv75

Once the boat left Key West today, the New Kids on the Block had a town hall meeting. Here is a summary thanks to @irishgirl75 on Twitter

1st question, what is one thing you Learned working with BSB
joe: amazing experience, happy they did it

Donnie: I have a question for myself, why am I not wearing shaded in the sun when I wear them at night
Bhahahaha Donnie asked JK why he isn't wearing shades either

Question 2: if you could give your 15 yr old self advice what would it be. Donnie: Get ready mother fucker
jordan: do not do the Big Bopper smile

Question 3: who do you like today in music? joe: lena Horne
jK: he was distracted and missed question lol

Question 4: if you had downtime where would you travel
Donnie: you mean our secret place?
Donnie went on cruise not too long ago

Question 5: danny do you splurge and eat junk good
Danny: I am not the food police but yes I do splurge, he loves pizza and cheesecake. Donnie said lowest cheesecake and pizza with FF cheese
Donnie said be Took danny to coldstone once

Question 6: can any of you do a good impression of the other?
Joe said "we don't really do each other"

Question 7: what song would you be embarrassed to admit you have on ipod
Donnie: I don't have one and wouldbt be embarrassed

Question 8: why Hershey for mixtape
Joe: we have done a few shows there, it's a great space and good location. Easiest area to get too
Donnie talking about east coast bias, it's cuz larger concentration of fans. He apologies for those who have to travel far

Next question from audience: If you could be any film character who would you be
Jon would be James Bond (from Joe)

Next question: from audience JK will he do another tour
Jk said nothing in the books but he will tour again

Next question: what is your favorite part of being on cruises
joe: you all look more beautiful than ever awwww
Donnie: funny moments, looking back on them with the guys a month or two later. So many moments

Question: new music, we want new music when is album gonna happen
Lmao Donnie it will be on cassette! Music will be here soon

Donnie backrub is on hiatus
Danny: don't you all have 50 shades to keep you organized

Someone asked why is the cruise tank tops only for skinny bitches
joe: we got a Munity lmao
Jon: fuck it just got topless

Another question: when is Joe coming back to Vegas
joe: I do not know
joe wants to do a show more like what he did on cruise

Another question: Donnie how do you fit in acting, NKs and everything else
Donnie: I love to stay busy
Donnie: BB I am an employee and with NK I am one of the bosses

The question was do the guys have a message therapist on the road
joe: we use our security staff to help with that, Charlie is the best one lol

Next question: what was most memorable experience in Australia
joe: my saint of a wife took the 3 kids to Australia

Next question: If Nks could be a fly on the wall in history what would it be
Jon I wouldn't mind being in Little house
Someone said walk with Jesus not sure who said it

Question was how they deal with crazy fans pushing and fighting to get to them
Joe: I understand it upsets people when I can't take photos with everyone. We live in the moment

Question: a Brazil fan asked if they are excited to go to S America
Guys talking about S Ameica

Donnie said if you need a nap get it now we are staying up all night

Here's a quick video clip from NKOTBfax578

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