Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Video and article about NKOTB in Chile from Cooperativa

Cooperativa.cl has posted an article and video from Chilean press conference. Here is the translated article:

At 19.00 hours on Wednesday will open the doors of the Movistar Arena to welcome the thousands of fans who will witness the return of New Kids On The Block (NKOTB) to the national scene.

The Boston musicians return to Chile after 22 years of absence and as the leader of the band, Jordan Knight, "for tomorrow we are very excited about the presentation and hope to see everyone there."

As for the loyalty of his fans, who follow them since they were little girls, former bad boy of the block stressed that "now those fans are much better because it used more hormonal issue, however today is a decision that they taken. Women might say today I will see JLo or I'm going to stay at home connected to Internet, go to the movies, or see one of the millions of TV channels out there, but today they decided to spend the night with us, then it is much better."

"We love the fans go crazy, acting like crazy with us , to relax, to forget the children, husband, everything ... you have a good time and go crazy." said Donnie Wahlberg.

A party

As for his show, the pioneers of the boy band made it clear that is not about any particular topic, but is a real feast to celebrate the music and the experiences they have lived. "We felt like kids again," said Wahlberg.
Meanwhile, Joey McIntyre explained: "The concert has a lot of nostalgia and youth, because we are still young and people too. It's a party! We are inspired by the energy transmitted to us the people and inspires people with the music that we transmit."

After the tour that will take in the coming days to Peru and Mexico, the New Kids On The Block plan to return to the studio to give life to a new album that keeps recognized as excited about new things.

The show of the New Kids On The Block in Santiago will be held Wednesday at 21:00 at the Movistar Arena and there are still tickets available at the box office of the enclosure.

The first time in Chile

Against this back, what musicians recalled their first foray into Chile in the festival organized in 1990 Amnesty International. The actor Donnie Wahlberg said: "I remember that time as the highlight of my career so far."

"It was an honor for us that we invite the AI show and were very impressed with the reaction of our fans because it was really amazing," he said.

Wahlberg added that "when we look back at that time, we see it as a milestone in our career", to which Jordan added that "this was the audience or larger public for which we played in our career up to that moment".

In the meeting with reporters at the Hotel Ritz, New Kids On The Block were enthusiastic about returning to Chile, try the local food and discover how the country has changed in that time. Joey McIntyre said "it is amazing to see how they changed in 20 years time."

"In the last 24 hours has been amazing as I have seen and have come to know this country. As is always nice to go to a place where thousands of people who want to come see you acting in your shows," he concluded.

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