Sunday, September 23, 2012

Donnie Wahlberg talks about the Patriots and Celtics with the Boston Herald

Donnie Wahlberg was interviewed by the Boston Herald and he talked about sports teams in Boston. Here is the article:
Dorchester homey Donnie Wahlberg thinks despite the New England Patriots’ you-know-what-poor showing against the Arizona Cardinals last week, they’re bound for Super Bowl XLVII!

“I’ve learned the regular season doesn’t matter, it’s how you do in the playoffs,” said the “Blue Bloods” star. “Last year, they had an amazing regular season and petered out in the playoffs while the Giants played like crap all year and won the Super Bowl.”

And then there was that 16-0 regular season back in 2007-08 that we’d all rather forget.

“I’m not worried,” said Wahlberg, whose latest project with Jarrett Creative and his brother, Bob, is “Boston Metal,” a National Geographic reality TV show about a Brockton family of scrap metal dealers. “But the Patriots, being a young team, need to be overlooked again. They need to be the underdogs again like they were in 2001. That motivates them.”

As for handicapping the Celtics’ upcoming season, Wahlberg’s bullish because of the New Kids the Green picked up in the draft, although he would have preferred seeing Ray Allen back on the parquet instead of in Miami.

“It was tough to lose him, but he had to do what he had to do,” Donnie opined. “I think the young guys have the potential to be huge impact players.

“Now, don’t even think of asking me about the Red Sox,” he warned.

We wouldn’t dream of it.

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