Sunday, September 2, 2012

Donnie Wahlberg and Joey McIntyre in the studio

Donnie and Joey are in the studio to work on some new NKOTB music! Here are some tweets sent by Joey, Donnie and songwriter Gabe Lopez last night:

Yes-sirrie-Bob's-your-uncle, me and @donniewahlberg and the crew in the studio :) Good times. Thinking of you. #obv!
Somehow ended up in SoCal, at this wacky recording studio, with @joeymcintyre & i am thinking its gonna turn out to be a productive night!
Session with @brentpaschke, @joeymcintyre, @DonnieWahlberg and @drewryanscott for the @nkotb album. Yeah!!!!
@joeymcintyre and @DonnieWahlberg are a riot together. This is a blast!
@joeymcintyre is playing air racket ball with sound effects and I have tears from laughing.

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