Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NKOTB News for September 18

NKOTB released some more details about the 2013 cruise. Some highlights include:
  • A cruise DVD will be aired on the Lido deck and each cruise attendee will get a copy of the DVD!
  • The NKOTB concert will be indoors (in the ship's theater) and the day on Half Moon Cay will be "casual" with "no NKOTB event to line up for" but "NKOTB will be out there making sure nobody gets too crispy while having a blast with you".
  • A chance to win a day/night in the "VIP Sleepover Suite" near the New Kids rooms.
Donnie taped an episode of Rachael Ray today. The show will air on Friday, September 28!

It looks like Joey is planning on scheduling some solo shows soon! He wrote on Twitter "I'm working hard on the best Joe Show ever. And I'm counting on u guys to be there when it's out there!"

Mixtape Festival shared a video showing highlights from the Mixtape Festival weekend.

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