Friday, November 11, 2011

Donnie Wahlberg Taking Over Blue Bloods - Videos and photos from the set

Donnie will be sending tweets from @BlueBloods_CBS on Twitter today/tonight. Here are some photos he has sent so far:

Happy Veteran Days! We hosted vets on set with Service Nations Mission Serve

Donut Break compliments of @DunkinDonuts

Wardrobe fitting in the trailer. Why is this guy taking a picture of the marshmallow?

Nothing a little liquid stitches can’t fix

Me and the prettiest sister around!

Me and @AJCalloway taping @ExtraTV on set at the Reagan House

Sitting w/ Director Robert Harmon in the same booth as Robert De Niro & Ray Liotta in #Goodfellas.

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Anonymous said...

not available to watch outside the US!!! I can't watch the videos. I'm in Russia