Sunday, November 27, 2011

Joey McIntyre's latest blog

Here is Joey's latest blog. He announces that Jordan will be joining him at his December 1st appearance in Boston and that he'll be on The View on Dec 23rd.

'Tis the season...for lots of things. Lots of those things can be stressful. The idea is to balance them out with as many fun things as possible. Like making the effort to get out the Christmas ornaments early...I'm convincing myself as I write this. Maybe thinking of gifts for people early in the season- little gifts go a long way and if you start earlier, chances are the gifts you get for loved ones are more thoughtful. (What am I a Christmas guru now cuz I made a Christmas album??! Uh...well, I gotta start somewhere. That would be awesome. Just come out during the holidays and spread some cheer and then GTFO.) Thanksgiving was nice this year, but there was a bug going around my house and I was the last to get it...just in time for dinner on Thursday- wasn't that bad but I had no appetite, so I'm trying to make up for it on the left-overs. That's going pretty well so far. The Macy's Tree Lighting in Boston was really really nice. I used to go to downtown crossing in Boston with my mom all the time and especially at Christmas time (when the building that Macy's is in was Jordan Marsh, or as we would say it: Jawdin Mahsh.) So once again "the memories come floodin' back" and I feel so lucky to be back in my hometown doing what I love and sharing it with you. I was able to get my two nieces and nephew up on stage and sing Jingle Bells with me. They were great! Their dad Tommy was way more nervous than they were. We had some help from the really fun and energetic kids from The Boston Children's Chorus that I had just met. We rehearsed for about 5 minutes and they were total pros and really made the performance extra special. Then a got to see so many of you up close and personal. Thanks for coming in to see me :) And now next up is the Boston Common Tree Lighting on December 1st. That's gonna be even more fun. Hope you can make it down to the Common and if not you can see it on Channel 5 in Boston WCVB (might be somewhere on youtube?). I'm gonna be singing "Peace on Earth" with Jordan Knight and a couple more songs myself with ma dude Rob Lewis. Gonna be a great night cuz that's only the beginning. We got the "extra special Joe Show". I wish I picked a bigger spot cuz I keep getting asked about how to get tix, but I guess that's what makes it extra extra special. There may be a few more that I can dig up :) And then from there, I go back to LA for the "New Year's Eve" premiere on Dec 5th and then back to NYC for the taping of The View (airs Dec 23rd) and the NYC intimate/free/secret/Joe Show and more fun stuff that I'm thinking of. Can't wait to chill for a bit in the Big Apple during the holidays. OH! And I almost forgot my Christmas Album is on itunes this Tuesday 11/29!!! Let's have some fun. 'Tis the season, baby!!

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