Thursday, April 19, 2012

Around the world in 80 days... A new blog from Joey McIntyre

Joey had a difficult time sleeping last night due to the time change, so he wrote a blog on his website:

Around the world in 80 days...

but first... jet lag. It was once "he who not be named", but I have given in and admit I have jet lag. But after a little activity in the middle of the night (whatever gets ya thru), I will settle back down, maybe listen to a little James Taylor, think of home and hopefully doze off for a bit CUZ I NEED MY BEAUTY SLEEP! My rock star sleep, my boyband sleep- which is much more necessary when you are not a boy anymore. Starting in Belfast. Nice to be back hanging with the fellas. In my heart I was sad to leave the family, but now that we are officially on the road I have to accept it. And with that acceptance comes the many gifts of being a New Kid on the Block. As I have said many times, the UK and Europe crowds have an energy all their own and we will be ready for it. Once we hit that stage it is on and a whole new chapter will start of this miraculous journey. Looking forward to checking out these double decker tour buses over here. Been a while, and I hear they are much better now a days. Hitting each city, inspired each day by different people, different tastes, different sites. Gonna be fun for sure. But first I must pray to the goddess of melatonin that she may wash over me and let my body and more importantly my mind rest. We're comin' for ya!!!!!! "Stay up!" cuz right now, I sure am!

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