Saturday, April 7, 2012

Results of Joey McIntyre in the Hollywood Half Marathon

Joey ran in the Hollywood half marathon this morning! Here are his results:

Bib: 7772
Clock Time: 1:55:27.5
Overall Place: 879 / 6094
Gender Place: 598 / 2279
Division Place: 4 / 6
Pace: 8:49
1st 5K: 25:26.8
2nd 5K:25:47.6
Last 6 9M: 1:04:13.0

Money raised for the Alzheimer's Association: $18,200!

Here is a photo posted by Janelly333 on Twitter:

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Anonymous said...

I'm traveling home with my husband and 2 little girls from vacation so I've had time on the ride to finally read your blog. I'm sorry I didn't read it in time to donate. Your words were very heart wrenching and made me think of my own mom. I'm so blessed that my mom is still healthy and I thank God for it. I'm so proud that my childhood idols LOVE their families SO much and are constantly doing things to show that love. It reminds me of the reason I do everything I can to see you guys every chance that I can. Your mom and family are in my prayers. God bless.