Sunday, April 15, 2012

Highlights from LA NKOTB Town Hall

Here are some of the highlights of the NKOTB Town Hall in LA from Twitter. Thanks to everyone who shared the details of the event!

From @Erinleigh82
  • They pretty much confirmed NKOTB and BoyzIIMen collaboration. At least they couldn't deny it ;) #nkotbtownhallLA
  • They couldn't deny a Brazil tour date ;) #nkotbtownhallLA
  • Someone asked about a WestCoast cruise next Cabo and Hawaii were mentioned!!! Wooo :) @NKOTB #nkotbtownhallLA
  • Someone asked for a BN video chat, @DonnieWahlberg was excited about this & said he would try to do it during Europe tour!
  • They have a special announcement for us US girls on Monday! #AHFUCKYEAH @NKOTB #nkotbtownhallLA

From @miss_tattoo
  • Omg!!! Just sang "i'll be loving you"on stage w/ @jordanknight !!! #townhallLA I'm dead!!
  • At #townhallLA i asked if they'd consider bringing fans on stage for future tours during songs like "I'll be loving you".. Cont
  • Then @jordanknight said "ok let's start right now then" & had be join him on stage... Put his arm around me then handed me a mic (dead!)
  • Asked if I wanted to start first or him... I said him of course... Hah! I got nervous and shy... Then he started singing to me..
  • Then it was my turn I got nervous and finally sang to him... dead!!! Hugged him and it was seriously one of the best days of my life
  • @jordanknight thank you for making my night.... You just made my dream come true! :) words can never express how happy you made me! Xoxo

From @christinawrites
  • Each guy came out to a campaign song - Joe's was Don't Stop Believin by Journey & Jon's was I Want Your Sex by George Michael (LOL)
  • @YoJoe_ItsMo: @christinawrites jordan's was let's go higher. donnie's was party rock anthem, it think.
  • After all 5 guys were onstage they played "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow" (Bill Clinton 1992 campaign reference, political nerds)
  • @dannywood said his campaign platform was to represent the single people, because they have rights too. He gave a rousing speech. :D
  • Some of my other favorite parts were when @joeymcintyre said he had two margaritas and referred to Jordan as the ambassador to Latin America.

From @JoeysIrishPower
  • I am sure everyone got the lowdown but just in case .. The following tweets r notes from #LATownhall
  • #1 was in regards to a new album - @DonnieWahlberg said it was in the infant stages but there will be a surprise, treat = music before album
  • #2 was some really a show and tell of a @DonnieWahlberg scent created by a BH ... Clever .. He smelled her... Yep.. Lucky BH
  • Moving on... #3 any more collaborations in the works? After much chatting, B2M was confirmed
  • #4 will @NKOTB do other type of events or fan gatherings, for example a day at Disneyland... @jordanknight must have cringed!
  • #5 (gulp) can first time cruisers having priority over prior cruisers? @DonnieWahlberg was not a big fan of this idea (THANK YOU)
  • #6 was a runner that ran in last week's Alzheimer's race that @joeymcintyre was in ... She was asking about doing BH running teams (love it)
  • #7 was from a young boy to @DonnieWahlberg about him being a lady's man and could he give him tips (done before) @jordanknight made me LOL With @jordanknight expression that @DonnieWahlberg gets all the girls ... D in essence told him to be himself esp if he's a good kid awwwww
  • #8 will they consider doing an Xbox or Wii game? Donnie said they r trying to stay away from games.. They have done everything but...BUT Step By Step is on the 2009 Just Dance for the Wii ...
  • #9 a Brazil BH asking if they are coming there... @DonnieWahlberg said the cannot deny that they will be in Brazil (so yes, it will happen)
  • #10 for the next DVD could they have subtitles for the hearing impaired? @jordanknight attempted to answer and @joeymcintyre told him, quietly that they have the technology to do so.
  • #11 more @NKOTB solo shows and no BSB? They said it will happen in the future (but didn't mention if B2M would be option..hmm?)
  • #12 can you change 5*... Example do brunches like @jordanknight VIP? @DonnieWahlberg eloquently answered that there r so many factors ...Many factors, they gotta get to shows, no time, etc... So that would be a No to #12
  • #13 west coast cruise? If there's enough demand for it... It is possible @DonnieWahlberg (consider this an official request - love the idea)

From @imnangl
  • So Donnie said that they are definitely not NOT going to Brazil this year! Then looked at Jared Paul and asked if that was vague enough!
  • 2 peeps suggested a west cruise. They said they would think about it. Joe also suggested 2 cruises a year on 40 person yachts. Lol!
  • Someone asked about NKOTB getting involved in different charities fans are involved in. Joe said *maybe* they could choose one a month??
  • I asked about doing Jordan like brunches instead of their standard 5*. Donnie said it could be too difficult but they would think about it.

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