Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Joey McIntyre's interview with Manchester Gossip

Joey McIntyre did an interview with Manchester Gossip about the NKOTBSB tour.

Last week I was lucky enough to grab a chat with Joey McIntyre of NKOTB fame - thanking him for his time he told me he was quite happy to be kept out of rehearsals to have a convo with us...

For those of you who live in a cave, Joey is a member of the massively successful '90s boy band New Kids On The Block who had a string of number ones including Hangin' Tough and You Got It.

The group disbanded in 1994, secretly regrouping in 2007 to tour and release a new album in 2008 - much to the joy of their hugely supportive fans.

"We've had time off in between 2008 and now but we're still gong strong and are always looks for ways to challenge ourselves. That's how the collaboration with Backstreet Boys came about and from day one we've had so much fun."

That's right girls. Both bands are touring together. What more could you want? The tour comes to Manchester on 24th April, Press here for a chance to win tickets, "Manchester have THE best crowds, I remember them fondly. They're rowdier and more ready to have fun that a lot of other cities."

"We're all enjoying the tour and can't wait to come perform here. We're fortunate to be doing what we're doing, especially to have a break and come back."

"To still be current and fresh (and we're all still young remember!), there's not many that get the chance to do what we're doing."

But there's no competing between the bands - If you're consumed by what the other guy's doing, you need your head screwed on tighter."

So to everyone lucky enough to have got their hands on tickets, you can be sure you're in for one heck of a show - "We've been knocked over by the audience response. Friends of mine who weren't big fans back in the day are so surprised and entertained that they're having such a fun night out!"

Of course, us Brits have a successful export touring the US right now - One Direction. I wondered if Joey had any advice for the young group, "Every band is different so there's nothing specific I can tell them... They're having the time of their lives y'know and there's lots of kids who'd love to trade places with them but you do miss out on things - things that others might dread like high school and dating.

"Making mistakes is a big part of life so it's difficult and eventually you have to come up for air. It can take time to decompress."

Of course, this being Manchester Gossip we had to ask if Joey had any tour gossip for us, "We try not to mess with each other too much but there was quite a prank that Howie (BSB) pulled - there's a plexiglass centre in the stage which we walk under to get to the other side. One night I was on stage and Howie hid so when I looked down he was standing there holding a gay magazine up - certainly gave me a bit of a shock!"

And on that note, we'll have to wait and see what goes on when the tour comes to Manchester...

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