Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Reviews from the first 3 shows of the NKOTBSB 2012 tour

Here are some articles and reviews from the NKOTBSB concerts in Belfast, Dublin, and Liverpool:

Photo courtesy of Birmingham Mail

Birmingham Mail:
New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys join forces

A double helping of cheesy pop

Backstreet Boys and New Kids on the Block Got "The Right Stuff"

BBC News:
NKOTBSB tour Boy bandmash up

Liverpool Echo:
Review: New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, Liverpool's Echo Arena

Daily Mail:
Backstreet Old Boys and Elderly Kids on the Block! The 'boy' bands show their age as they struggle with their moves on stage

Photo courtesy of the Daily Mail (at least the photos were nice even if the review wasn't!)


Anonymous said...

Daily Mail obviously do not know what they are talking about!!!

Liverpool show was amazing!! Loads of energy, music fab. My sister and I didn't sit down for the whole show we were up dancing with them.

NKOTBSB 2013????

Love Lisa in Liverpool

X x x

Anny B said...

The daily mail is the most shit paper there is, so if anyone takes on board what its sayin, is probably as thick as the ppl that write the stories!! NKOTBSB have broken the records in what they have achieved! The sky is the limit! I did vip in Dublin, totally awesome, been a BH for 23 yrs, seen them b4 and went on cruz too, so I can assure you they can still move! Fuckin daily mail! Burn the fucker! Lots of hugs,kisses n luv from AnnyB in Glasgoe.xxx

xsuex said...

Seriously???? Herald.ie....Dublin was AMAZING....I bet the journalist was a man in his 40's....and that once he got a look at NKOTB's sexy and toned bodies...JEALOUSY hit!!!...and so had to drown his sorrows with drink!! And lots of it!!! Anyway Who cares, What a drunken fool think!!! Your fans love you..and thats all that matters!!! :-)

Dont mind the eejits...:-) Love Suexxxx

Anny B said...

Sounds very much like Chris Wasser at the Herald is jealous and needs a reality check! What a condsending, arrogant typical journalist! ASSHOLE!! This is why I don't read papers!!!

Anonymous said...

They were fabulous... Daily Mail: obviously jealous. I have been to a couple of concerts here and New Kids on The Block were even hotter than back in the day!!! They definitely have the right stuff! I especially admired the way they dancing (especially Jordan’s), it looks organic and it works. The main steps are the same, but with some changes which makes them smoother. They did look great… obviously worked out and we thanked them for that! I thought it was fantastic and very professional. This come back has meant a lot to many people and they have done it excellently. Looking forward to the next one. Well worthy!

Cazc said...

I was at the Belfast concert, it was amazing the boys were fantastic, atmosphere was electric, the daily mail paper knows nothing they must have sent a dinosaur to watch the show. Love you guys x looking forward to the live stream on Sunday to watch it all over again xx