Thursday, July 17, 2008

Danny Blog - July 17th

Danny posted this blog today

Hi everyone,

We are back from Germany and it was amazing. Throughout this experience I never know what to expect. The German fans are more than ready for THE BLOCK just like everyone here and in Canada. The support was unbelievable and it was awesome. Everywhere we went people were there to support us. We are looking forward to the European tour next year.

I want to rundown our week for you so maybe you will get an idea of what it was like.
We arrived Monday July 7th to Germany. We took the day to recuperate from jet lag, see the movie set, and have a fitting for our crazy medieval outfits.

Tuesday we filmed, as ourselves in medieval times, with the amazing German director/actor Til Schweiger. It was a fun day aside from the black soot we all inhaled during the filming. After we finished we were blowing out black boogers. There were flames being blown thru the air throughout our performance. It was a pleasure working with Til and we look forward to the release of the movie in December.

Wednesday was the big international press conference. It was amazing to see over 200 European journalists in the room. I always feel like we are just those 5 guys from Boston and how did we end up here. It was a very humbling experience. The rest of the day was spent doing tons of European press and we didn’t finish until nighttime.

Thursday and Friday NKOTB was split into 2 groups so we could cover more ground. We went to Frankfurt, Munich, Cologne, Hamburg, Kiel, Hannover, Magdeburg and then all got back together in Berlin. We visited radio stations, TV stations, did print interviews and Internet outlets. It was great and felt really good to be so productive.

I need to personally thank Sven Kilthau-Lander, Jurgen Grebner, and the whole Universal Records staff for the amazing job they did in Germany. We are looking forward to all our future endeavors in Europe.
We are back in L.A. for tour rehearsals. September 18th is coming soon and we are so excited.

Love Danny

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Danny I had the pleasure of meeting your father on tour years ago in a little hotel in Detroit(riverplace) where you and the guys stayed for 8 or 9 days, I had a great conversation with him about family, I have to tell you that I was sad to hear the loss of your mom, I too lost my mom at 17 yrs of age, as a grown woman and mother I have a new found respect for my mom and all that she did, I just came across your new cd coming home, and what beautiful songs, shows that you have a raw talent, that you should continue on your own as an artist. time will heal the pain that you still have, your kids will remind you of her everyday and put a huge smile on your face, take care
jules from detroit