Monday, July 28, 2008

YouTube videos

Here are a few You Tube videos of note that came out recently...

CD Preview - Tonight performance (courtesy of marz8197)

CD Preview - Click Click Click performance (courtesy of deadendgirls)

Summertime parody by RedOctagon

Summertime parody by puremarkska

Summertime parody by Joshyk14/The HeartBreak Kidz (this one is currently featured on


Anonymous said...

Cool stuff. Thanks for posting rthese. Really like your site BTW, I saw this NK tribute group on Facebook the other day you might find entertaining. They call themselves Troy Kids on the Block. If you get a sec, check them out. They have the moves down pretty well and I don't think they are joking around.

Anonymous said... posted the same video twice there. One says it's supposed to be Summertime, but it's Tonight again...

Love the one of Donnie jammin'!

NKOTB News said...

Curtis - I have seen the Troy Kids videos, they were good. Did they have a recent one as well?

Anonymous - I fixed the Summertime link, thanks for letting me know!