Thursday, July 10, 2008

Updates to the radio station schedule

There are some updates to the radio schedule, so here's my post from the other day with the updates added....

There have been a bunch of updates to the radio schedule, so here is the updated one with the links to listen live. The first time listed is in the German Time Zone, but I listed the US times zones on the next line (let me know if I made any errors).

Thurday, July 10


9:30AM Bayern 3, München (Munich) 3:30AM Eastern (2:30c/1:30m/12:30p)

Update: Will air on Friday, July 11, between 6:00 – 9:00 am (12am Eastern, 11PM (Thurs) Central/10PM Mount./9PM Pacific)

11.00AM Antenne Bayern, München (Munich) 5:00AM Eastern (4c/3m/2p)

Update: will air on Sunday, July 13th, between 9:00 – 12:00 (3:00AM Eastern/2c/1m/midnight Pacific)

3:00PM N-Joy, Hamburg 9:00AM Eastern (8c/7m/6p)

5:45PM RSH Radio Schleswig-Hostein, Kiel 11:45AM Eastern (10:45c/9:45m/8:45p)

danach Meet & Greet SHZ (Schleswig-Holsteiner Zeitung), Kiel (?)


12:30PM HR 3, Frankfurt 6:30AM Eastern (5:30c/4:30m/3:30p)

1:30PM FFH, Frankfurt 7:30AM Eastern (6:30c/5:30m/4:30p)

4:30PM 1LIVE Studio, Köln (Cologne) 10:30AM Eastern (9:30c/8:30m/7:30p)

5:30 Radio RPR1, Köln (Cologne) 11:30AM Eastern (10:30c/9:30m/8:30p)

Update: will air on Saturday between 10:00am – noon (6AM Eastern/5c/4m/3p)

Friday, July 11


10:30AM FFN, Hannover 4:30AM Eastern (3:30c/2:30m/1:30p)

11:30AM HitRadio Antenne, Hannover 5:30AM Eastern (4:30c/3:30m/2:30p)

3:00PM Radio SAW, Magdeburg 9:00AM Eastern (8c/7m/6p)

5:00PM BB Radio, Potsdam 11:00AM Eastern (10c/9m/8p)


5:00PM Radio RTL, Berlin 11:00AM Eastern (10c/9m/8p)

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