Saturday, July 26, 2008

News from the CD Preview party!

According to a post by ktsummer, the next single is a song called "Single" (featuring Ne-Yo), so it looks like it is not "Dirty Dancing". 

 They performed "Summertime", "Tonight", and "Click Click Click". And they played "Full Service", "Big Boy/Big Girl", and "Single" off of their new album. Click here for some videos she got from the event. 

 Did anyone else go to this event? Let us know the details!


Anonymous said...

--- How can someone get an invite to a show like this? I can't imagine such a private performance, much less a meet and greet, PLEASE tell me how can I be a VIP ???
Please :)
Julie - a huge fan since the very beginning....
ps- I love your blog, this is really great to keep up with the guys.

Shauna Walsh-Knight said...

OK...too cool...totally forgot about it...and isn't ktsummer from Canada...BC I think...definitely a cool thing to see right before bedtime...I plan on having good dreams...counting down the days to my chance to see them VIP style in Toronto on September 18!!!

NKOTB News said...

Most of the people there won radio station contests.