Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Wild Morning Show

Update: links no longer available. 

The Wild Morning Show on Wild 95.5 (West Palm Beach) mentions the New Kids on their show quite a bit. Here are the links to the audio files:

Producer Heather is obsessed with anything boy band related. Can anyone beat her in NKOTB trivia?

The Wild Morning Show tries to debut the new New Kids song "Summertime" but don't have the song

The Wild Morning Show debates whether or not to play "Summertime" and debuts the song

The Wild Morning Show debuts the new New Kids song "Summertime" and Jason make a bet on whether the song will be successful

The Wild Morning Show has an update on the new NKOTB song...will Jason end up with that tattoo after all?

The New Kids are performing on the Today Show and it doesn't look good for Jason (Click here to view the tattoo options they mention)

It's time to find out - will Jason take the double or nothing offer on his New Kids on the Block bet?

Jason made a bet that if the New Kids are #1 on the Billboard Chart, then he'll get a full back NKOTB tattoo. So, as a joke, the Wild Morning Show pretends that Jordan calls in to tell them that the New Kids are #1

Jason's reacts when he believes he has to go through with getting the New Kids tattoo, but then finds out that it was all a joke

It's time to check back in with the New Kids...will Jason have to get a tattoo?


NKOTB News said...

I agree, it was very funny!

Anonymous said...

so should we email that guy and ask him how the tattoo went? cause new kids broke top 40! lmao!

Miss Ava said...

Okay, I just spent hours listening to all this. I can't wait to see Jason's tattoo! Hahaha!! Thanks for posting this!!