Wednesday, July 9, 2008

International Tour Plans and Song Titles From the Press Conference

New Kids on the Block will be in the UK in January 2009, and the rest of Europe after that.

Besides, "Click Click Click" here are the titles of some of their new songs that they played at the press conference this morning: "Two in The Morning" "Single" and "Dirty Dancing" (I think this song will also be featured in the Til Schweiger movie).

So, here is the unofficial track list (so far) of the upcoming album:

"Click Click Click"
"You Got My Heart"
"Full Service" (feat. New Edition)
"Looking Like Danger"
"Big Boy/Big Girl" (featuring Lady GaGa)
"Sexify My Love"
"Two in The Morning"
"Dirty Dancing"
"Close to you" (Not sure this is the exact title)
"I'll Stay" (Not sure this is the exact title)


Anonymous said...

finaly i found something about the film...thanks

Unknown said...

thank you so much for all the information!!!!!!!! I can't waiti to hear the full album and to see them live!!!!!!!
love from italy