Monday, March 26, 2012

Joey McIntyre writes about his mother's struggle with Alzheimer's

Joey posted a new blog on his website about his mom's battle with Alzheimer's and his desire to raise money for Alzheimer's research by running in the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7, 2012. Here is the blog:

My mom may not know who I am...
But she does a pretty good job of making me feel like she does. I believe she knows there is a connection. She keeps it very simple when she talks to me. Partly I think because she knows that she can't quite remember but is still witty enough to know that she doesn't want to make it any more confusing than it already is for her. I think she is past the most scary part- realizing she is "losing her mind". She knew something was happening. And at first I thought it was just my mom being dramatic. But looking back a few years, her behavior was strange. And soon it was clear that she was slipping away. That mostly showed up in her feeling scared and not wanting to be alone. I remember in the fall of 2008, she said something very profound and sadly poetic. She said, "me and the night don't get along." I thought that was quite a lyric. My mother was as witty as they come. She wrote tons of poems and parodies of songs. Mostly for co-workers leaving for another job or for cast-mates at the end of a show she was in. Or for my sisters' bosses or workmates. She would whip something up in an evening. She could do it all. Of course she had and raised 9 kids so that says it all. And I don't want to keep saying WAS because she still IS. She still has here one-liners. She is still sweet and very interested in what you are saying. When I saw her last December at my sister Carol's Christmas show at the fabled Footlight Club, she was so into the show. I enjoyed watching her as much as watching the show. If you didn't know she had Alzheimer's, you wouldn't think it. She was very in the moment- happy to see my father introduce my sister, but also zinging him saying to herself, "he's awful". And watching each song- liking some and loving others. But a few minutes after, I asked if she liked the show, and she answered, "what show, dear?" That kind of sums up where she is right now. I am no expert and I am 3000 miles away, but she is doing ok for someone at her stage of this disease. My mother was a force and could do so many things. Now she is very slow. But through all this there is a bitter sweetness. I hear story from my siblings- how sweet she is and the simple loving words she says to them. And that is true. There is still a person in there. And she is alive and still working it out. I think she still knows that she has some kind of disease, but she has moments of peace. Hopefully, with more funding and the hard work of all involved, we can find a cure so that Alzheimer's will not affect generations to come. This disease affects the whole family. My mother is so fortunate to have the care she has, but so many are not as lucky. I will be running the Hollywood Half Marathon on April 7, 2012 in her on honor and all those affected by Alzheimer's and to raise awareness and funds for 
Thank you for always supporting me in anyway you can- in your thoughts and prayers and deeds. xo-jm

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