Friday, March 9, 2012

A second Wahlburgers location in the future?

The Boston Herald reports in a recent article, that the Wahlberg brothers are thinking of adding a second Wahlburgers restaurant near Fenway Park.

Burger boys

Hollywood heavy — and Hingham burger baron — Mark Wahlberg reports he and his brothers are eyeing locations near Fenway Park for their second Wahlburgers.

“Nothing’s finalized, we’re just working it out,” Marky told the Track.

Mark, along with “Blue Bloods” cop Donnie Wahlberg and their brother, Paul, a chef who owns Alma Nove, opened the family’s burger-and-beer bar in the Hingham Shipyard last October. There was word of a reality show in the works, but Marky said they’re still trying to work it out.

“We always wanted a family business,” said the “Contraband” star. “But it’s not just me, Donnie and Paul. I got my nephew working there right now and other family members know they’re always welcome to work there.”

A regular American Dream, that is ...

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