Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NKOTB News for March 20

Joey and Howie will be on Metro Radio this Saturday at noon. Here is a clip of them advertising their show.

Some NKOTB Town Hall invites have gone out, but don't worry if you haven't received one yet... here's the latest from @nkotb: "We've only sent VERY few invites out to our Town Hall. Lots more to come to give all a fair chance to sign up."

It looks like Wahlburgers may be heading overseas. Here is what Mark Wahlberg had to say about it in an article from HeatWorld.com.

Oscar nominated actor Mark Wahlberg has announced that he is bringing his chain of burger restaurants to the UK following the success of Wahlburgers in the states. 
Speaking to the Metro newspaper, he revealed, “We do higher-end burgers. Yesterday, we sold 1,300. It's run by my brother, Paul, who is a five-star chef. We're opening a bunch of them in Britain and Ireland this year.” 
The business plan may have been scoffed at by nasty folk early on, however, business appears to be booming. He explained, “When I first mentioned the idea of Wahlburgers, people were like, 'Oh my God, that's a stupid idea. 
“What they don't realize is how talented my brother is. I would never risk putting my name out there in a way that would end up being bad. You can get people to show up because of the name but they are going to come back because they like the food. 
“A successful burger place takes maybe $2,400 a day. A really successful one does $6,000. We're making $17,000 a day. There are lines queuing around the corner.”

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