Friday, March 16, 2012

NKOTB News for March 16

Jordan and Jonathan have confirmed on Twitter they will not be able to attend the Town Hall meetings next weekend. Here are some more details about the Town Hall meetings from @nkotb on Twitter.

  • Town hall is all ages.
  • 2 tickets per winning entry
  • One entry per person per city.
  • Tickets are non-transferable, ID required to gain entry.

Jordan is in the studio this week working on the new NKOTB CD! Here is a photo he shared of him working with ReddHott.

Billboard posted the top money makers in the music business in 2011 and NKOTB was #36.

#36: New Kids On The Block
Like tour mates Backstreet Boys (No. 33), the re-formed New Kids on the Block earned quite a bit in 2011 thanks to the co-headlining NKOTBSB tour. The bill was the 17th-most successful tour last year. Traveling across North America, Europe and Australia, the New Kids performed their hits onstage with BSB (and vice versa), and this year the tour is playing overseas. While the group hasn't recorded an album of new material since 2008, a compilation of both groups' greatest hits, a pair of joint recordings and a mashup pushed NKOTB's album sales to nearly 83,000 units in 2011.

Here is a remix to Jordan's song "Rockstar" from DJ Oocha (thanks to @Madcutie for the link):

Here is a news report from Pun k t 9 about NKOTBSB (in German)

video courtesy of BsBSiberiaDe

A group of fans are trying to get NKOTBSB on the UK charts, for more info go here.

There is another NKOTB book coming out (this is different from the "New Kids on the Block: The Story of Five Brothers & A Million Sisters" one coming out in October). Here is some info:

FANS from A-Z 5
FACETIME - take a walk down memory lane 107
FUNNY THINGS from the World Wide Web 123
AROUND BOSTON - By photographer Cati Zamorano 144

Proceeds goes to Remember Betty and Børnefonden.

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