Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Update on Wahlburger's locations from Donnie Wahlberg

The Boston Herald talked to Donnie about what the status is on additional Wahlburgers locations.

The lowdown: Wahlburger boys taking it slow

Think Mark Wahlberg is getting ahead of himself? The Hollywood heavy, who opened a Hingham Shipyard burger emporium with his brothers, Donnie and Paul, last fall told a UK paper that the bros plan to “open a bunch of them in Britain and Ireland this year.”

Um, not so fast, Marky.

Donnie, who stars in CBS’ “Blue Bloods,” and Paul, a chef who owns Alma Nove across the street from the burger joint, said no one will be flipping burgers outside of Hingham — never mind outside of the country — for some time. In fact, the Fenway location that Mark told us about a couple of weeks ago is still in the planning stages, we’re told.

“We have a lot of interest from a lot of people who would like to franchise new locations, but we are a new business with a ways to go before we open location number two,” Donnie told the Track.

Paul’s spokesgal Mindy Valone said there are “no immediate plans for expansion at this time,” and “they’re talking about Boston, but nothing has been set in stone yet.”

The Brothers Wahlberg are “really happy with the success in Hingham,” she said. And no wonder.

“A successful burger place takes maybe $2,400 a day and a really successful one does $6,000,” Mark told the UK’s Metro. “We’re making $17,000 a day. There are lines queuing around the corner.”

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