Wednesday, June 29, 2022

NKOTB News for June 29

In case you missed it, Donnie was recently interviewed by Mojo in the Morning!

The guys are in Philadelphia tonight after two days off! Joey spent his days off in Philadelphia. He and Griffin got a chance to see Big Time Rush in concert last night (photos from Joey's Instagram):

During the 2 days off, Jonathan and Jordan flew back to Boston for Farmhouse Fixer filming. It doesn't look like he got much sleep...

But, he had a chance to spend some time with his goats and on his tractor!

Their bus met them Woodmans in Essex, MA last night. They were joined by their nephew, Matthew, and they left for Philly... 

Other than celebrating "Mac and Cheese" day, Donnie was a little quiet on social media on their days off.  I'm guessing Donnie probably spent his 2 days off at home in Illinois.  He posted this photo and video when he flew into Philly this morning: 

Danny shared this sweet photo of him and his dad backstage: 

There is nothing better than coming off the stage to be greeted by my Dad #BigDan #TheMayorOfNewKidsWorld & to hear the words “Danny, what a great show, I am so proud of you!” I’m lucky and #blessed to be able to share #themixtapetour w/him!  

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