Saturday, September 20, 2008

Danny haning out in T.O.

Here are a few photos of Danny from the Ultra Supper Club in Toronto.


Anonymous said...

CTV is airing 2 NKOTB specials tonight (saturday) plus they are supposed to be on eTalk on CTV as well tonight. I wanted to share what I know :)
Julie **
I have seen both Toronto shows so far and they are AMAZING!!! Ca't wait to see the 3rd ;) - just wish I could know where they would be on sunday to finally meet them.... :(

Niki said...

Ok so...I was so gonna go to ultra that nite!! Pokaroo!!!lol

Fridays show was AMAzing...these guys are better than ever!! The CD cheesy comeback stuff...its awesome...I've been blasting it all over TO!! Lol I'm liking how its so sexually charged too!

Love it!!:)

NKOTB News said...

Julie - I think there is an after party at Fluid tonight

Do you know the name of the program that is on CTV?

Niki said...

Julie did you end up going to Fluid last night???