Tuesday, September 16, 2008

CHUM FM Interview to air on Sept 18

Update: 6:30PM Looks like this may have been postponed to sometime on Thursday... I'll let you know if I hear anything more...

Update: 1:04PM, Sept 17 - They taped this yesterday, but will air the interview tomorrow (Thursday) at 6PM (Thanks to Alison for the update)


Anonymous said...

Hey there!

I was in the CHUM interview today in T.O. (won the contest)... it was awesome!!!! And we got to spend some quality time with the "boys".

The interview is going to air on CHUM this Thursday between 6-7. It was really hilarious, I laughed a lot. they are such sweethearts!


Anonymous said...

hey guys,

i dont know were else to write this so maybe some of you will read it,

i was watching mtv live earlier and and there's a show on mtv thats called The After Show it was originally played monday nights at 10:30 right after The Hills and it was meant to talk about each week's episode of The Hills and recently they made it an everyday show talking about gossip and music and all that, and today one of the host's did an interview with the New Kids in Toronto at the air canada centre as they watched the stage be put together.

It was just a small preview of the interview the whole interview will be aired later on this week i think they said so if anyones interested the show is on weekdays at 7:30, i'll try my best to catch it, i usually watch the show anyways.

On the small preview they showed the host Jessi Cruickshank asks Danny why he's hardly in the music videos and he answered "well ..i guess you have to ask the director that question, im just happy to be here" and there's a part were the host calls Jon, Jordan by mistake, she also mentioned that Jon didnt say a word throughout the whole interview.

After showing the clip one of the other hosts jokes that at the end of the interview after it was over but the camera was still rolling Danny was the only one to go hug the host and say thank you because she was probably the only one who had ever asked Danny Wood a question, kinda insinuating that Danny doesnt get any tv time which made me kind of mad.

I personally am i HUGE new kids fan, i absolutely love them, im only 18 years old so i didnt really get to see them in the late 80s and early 90s because i was about 3 or 4 years old but my older cousins were very much upsessed with them so i did listen to their music early on growing up and i've probably seen every interview, video, and those concert videos they would make. I LOVE Joey and i remember when he back out in the late nineties with his solo albums i was one of the few of my friends that knew everything about him and that he had been on new kids on the block.

Anyways i think ive written enough just thought i'd let you know about that mtv interview that should be aired sometime this week or next week.

Only 3 days left till i see the new kids in concert here in montreal!! sooo exited


Anonymous said...

wow, thanks girls for the great info :)
anyone have tickets to be in the audience for "The Hour" tomorrow (17th)? what time is the taping? anyone have extra or un-needed tickets for "the hour" ?
thanks a million
SOOOOO EXCITED for the concerts in Toronto, i have tickets to all 3 shows ;) but still have NEVER met them - I'm still trying - need connections I guess....
julie at * juliecote@hotmail.com * if ANYONE can do anything to help me meet them :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

sorry not just youtube videos, but any online videos you can use those two programs, i even downloaded some of them from vh1, but some of them don't work - R.

NKOTB News said...

Allison - wow that's cool - did you get any pics?

Mimi - Thanks for the update! Is that just in Canada?

Julie - did you have any luck with tickets? I think I heard that show was postponed.

R - Thanks for the tips on the videos, I'll look into those.

Anonymous said...


im not completely sure if it only plays in canada but it might because it is the canadian version of mtv, the channel is called mtv live, i just went on mtv.ca and if you click on tv shows and then pick The After Show on the side there is a video each day's episode, the last one posted is sept 11th, the show plays monday through thursday and the 11th was last thursday so maybe they post the videos for the whole week at the end of each week.

If you guys wanna see for yourselves you can go to mtv.ca, hopefully people outside of canada can view the videos, because i know sometimes on american site people outside the u.s can see them.

I'll watch the show tonight and tomorrow to see if they show the interview if not it will hopefully be aired next week and will probably eventually be posted up on mtv.ca


Anonymous said...


I did get a few pictures at the CHUM interview (although we were told "no pictures", but how cruel to get a bunch of new kids fans with cameras and tell them THAT!)

I guess you could check them out on my Facebook page.

My reactions on the guys were:

Jordan -- Witty, cute, much funnier than I thought he would be. the one I'd want to hang out with

Donnie -- sexy, cool, star quality, he hugged me right away and rubbed my back!!!

Danny -- So tiny!! Like a little smiley munchkin!

Joey -- Funny, personable, looked a little tired yesterday

Jon -- Very nice, looked older than I thought, could tell he was uncomfortable being there

JOn, Donnie and Jordan all spent some time on their Blackberries... but I forgive them. They were truly awesome and down to earth.

Anyway, here's my pics if you want to see



NKOTB News said...

Thanks for the update Mimi, let me know when it airs.

Allison - get pics! Thanks for sharing.