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Jordan's Interview with

Here is an interview that Jordan did with

NKOTB on sex and romance
by ANDREW WILLIAMS - Wednesday, September 3, 2008
Jordan Knight, 38, was the lead singer in 1980s boy band New Kids On The Block. Their first single, The Right Stuff, reached No.1 in 1988 and they sold more than 70million albums before splitting in 1994. Knight had a flop solo career before drifting into celebrity reality TV shows. New Kids have reunited and their new single, Summertime, is out this week.

Why have you got back together?
The idea of doing something was always in the back of our brains. We weren’t all ready at the same time until now. Now the craving has also built up in the fans. They want to see us again and let their hair down.

How are the live shows?
It’s the same old formula, five guys up there trying to show off in front of the girls. That’s basically what we do.

Are you getting along?
Sure. If you don’t get along when you’re doing an album and tour it’s very difficult to achieve anything. If there are ill feelings and people are clashing we couldn't have done it. When people hear the album they’ll know we’re really thriving and into our craft.

Who are your rivals: Take That?
No. It’s great they came back. They’ve shown that a boy band can get back together, do great music and be credible and successful. They’ve paved the way for us in Europe.

One of your album tracks is called Sexify My Love. Is it a romantic ballad?
Kind of. It’s also kind of blunt. Sex is part of romance, heh heh heh.

What’s the most extreme thing a fan’s done to meet you?
We’ve been lucky. We’ve never had any fans sneak into our hotel rooms, waiting for us. Well, Joe did once in the Philippines but she wasn’t naked or nothing. We used to have a section for handicapped people near the stage so they could get a good view of the stage. Girls used to arrive in wheelchairs and then suddenly start jumping up and down screaming when we got on stage.

What was the worst New Kids outfit?
I used to wear overalls with no shirt on underneath. I looked like one of the Village People. In one picture I have my arm round Danny Wood. It looked like me and Danny were more than friends, put it like that.

You were the most popular. Did that cause problems?
I don’t know if I was most popular. I was the sexy lead singer but Joe got a lot of attention as he was the cute young one and Donnie was the bad boy. We all got a lot of attention individually. There was a lot of love to spread around.

Didn’t Donnie set fire to hotel rooms?
Donnie was a mischievous guy but that whole thing about setting a hotel on fire didn’t happen. He threw couches and furniture out of hotel windows but he never set anything on fire. He sprayed someone with a fire extinguisher and that was classed as a ‘fire code violation’, which became the false story about arson.

Did you like your music?
Yeah, loved it.

What? All of it?
Not every single song but most of it. If we sang it, we liked it.

What did you spend the money on?
I bought a Mercedes and a Lincoln. I’m not a flashy guy. Me and my brother bought a big mansion for my family. When everyone moved out, we sold it. There were only three of us living in there at the end. Thank God real estate holds its value.

Was it depressing when it all ended?
No. We hit the pinnacle. We did what every band wants to do. There was nothing left for us to achieve. It was time to move on to different things.

Were you disappointed your solo career didn’t do as well?
No, I never tried to compete with what we did in the New Kids. To think I’d even have a chance of doing that would be delusional.

Did you enjoy being in reality show Trust Me I’m A Holiday Rep?
I did. It was fun hanging out in Cyprus. I couldn’t have done the job for real. You need to be outgoing. I’m shy with people.

Did you get on with Jodie Marsh?
She has a good head on her shoulders. I was impressed she wrote her own autobiography, she didn’t use a ghost writer. I don’t know how people perceive her in the UK but I found her to be down to earth, charming and very likeable. Nothing went on between me and her romantically.

Is it difficult to do the dance routines now you’re older?
A lot of people were shocked when we announced our reunion. The first thought in some peoples heads were that we would be old and crusty but we started when we were very young. We’re not 80. we’re all still under 40 and in good shape. We had so much energy in the past we can take it down a notch and still be good performers. We may have mellowed a bit but we’re more seasoned performers.

Have there been any dance injuries?
I’ve always had a bad foot. It bugs me from time to time but that goes back to ninth grade. As far as getting widneed, theres none of that, we’re all in great shape.

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We’ve never had any fans sneak into our hotel rooms, waiting for us. Well, Joe did once in the Philippines but she wasn’t naked or nothing...LOL, the country always change. BTW if it was in the Phil, it wasn't me coz' I was too young to stalk them :)