Monday, September 8, 2008

New Kids mentioned in Boston Globe

Here is a brief article from the Boston Globe 

Baby, it's the New Kids At 3:10 a.m. Saturday, Bonnie Yezukevich fired up her breast pump. Her 5-month-old son was spending the day with dad, and he'd need a fresh supply. A half-hour later, Bonnie hopped into the car, and headed with a friend to Faneuil Hall. Why? Her all-time favorite band, New Kids on the Block, were signing their new CD that afternoon, and she was determined to get in line good and early. (They arrived at 4:43 a.m. to find about 125 people ahead of them.) "I've loved New Kids since I was 12," said Yezukevich, a 31-year-old social worker in the Boston schools. "Joey [ McIntyre] is just adorable." Several hot and humid hours later, Bonnie and her buddy Laura Stirk were among 800 or so infatuated fans who got a few minutes of face time with Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Jonathan and Jordan Knight, and Joey. (Two times before the blessed event, Bonnie repaired to the bathroom in the basement of Quincy Market with her breast pump.) "Donnie stood up and hugged me," she said. "He whispered, 'How are ya? Thanks for coming,' and I nearly melted. I apologized for being sweaty and told him it was a long day, and he said, 'But it's worth it, right?' " And it was. Driving home afterward, Yezukevich popped in the band's new CD. "It's so strange to be listening to a new New Kids record after so long," she told us. "But it's really great. . . . Something chemical happens between me and them." 

They were mentioned briefly in this article about unclaimed money as well.

When New Kids on the Block hits Boston this month for the hometown stop of its reunion tour, one member might want to visit the state treasurer's office. Treasurer Timothy P. Cahill says the band has about $800 in unclaimed stock and a check worth $27 made out to NKOTB Inc.

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Anonymous said...

I should probably be embarassed, but it was a great experience, and worth it to meet Joey (and the rest of the guys) again. It certainly isn't every day that I share the details of breast pumping with 1,000,000 readers... and more now that it's posted here!